The distribution Marijuana has previously been a negative notion within society. Used for is medicinal purposes and currently has been recreationally legalized in several states. Marijuana is becoming more of a norm within our society. With this concept of casual consumption comes the issue of individual distribution and the notion of convince that we see in most service apps.

BUDS is a Marijuana Delivery App that will connect people together.  BUDS will be the app that will connect people for deliveries on their own terms and the ability to receive from  preferred locations.

We are  creating an environment within this product based on the concept of convenience that is seen and directing it towards the new norm of the marijuana industry.


We will connect people that are in the area of either closest dispensary to them or to one they prefer


Through BUDS people will be able to pay through paypal or venmo for secure transactions for the Marijuana goods and delivery.


Once the delivery confirmation is agreed and paid the person delivering will pick up the order and deliver, only after this  the delivery fee will be processed.